URBT Television System (OTC PINK:URBT) Scores a Most important Achievement by Getting hold of a hundred and fifty Live Global Tv stations because of its Innovative Streaming Application URBTPlus

Having the acquisition of more than one hundred fifty real time tv channels commencing around the world, Urban Television Network Corp. (OTC PINK:URBT) is giving its users an all-new streaming experience with Urban TV Plus. At the low per month rate of $9.98 and with the original phone application releasing, Urbt Television Network is dedicating all its resources to URBTPlus' be released in the phone internet streaming market.

"We are going those additional distance to deliver the best type of product for our own customers," Mr.Collins Head of the company of Urbt Broadcasting Network Corp. , mentioned. "We have rich, diverse content on an straightforward internet streaming foundation. We are prepared to go out and succeed first Right now it is time to come get a piece of this cake."

The Company supplies an without comparison internet streaming knowledge like no other in the market. Users have accessibility to over a hundred and fifty world tv channels available at one bundled charge. Stream real time tv channels in various languages like Spanish, Mandarin, Bolkan, Serbian plus more. Also amongst its lineup URBTPlus provides totally ad-free of charge movies, well-known TV series, famous day-time talk shows, and real time sports entertainment. Cut the cord and watch more info intercontinental live Broadcasting without cable regardless of where you might are in the world.

The Company gives its complete library of here content for a every month rate of $9.98 or a yearly membership. Viewers gain access to URBT Plus library of ad-at no cost movies along with you as their full lineup of live stations from around the world. Each subscription enables as much as 3 client user profiles so everyone can take advantage of indefinite internet streaming.


Urbt Tv Network Corp. is working globally to deliver the largest choice of live global stations, content and Tv show. As the company prepares to prepare its first yearly more info financial records since 2010, URBT might be a great expansion strategy for shareholders with a long-term vision.

urban tv

urban tv

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